October 28, 2009

Brief Update

After many emails and messages, I figured I owed you guys an update with whats going on in our lives and with Season 2. Trust me when I say, Season 2 will come out. Have no fear, we aren't going to end up like some machinimas out there that left you wanting more but have never continued the series. We are working (slowly) on Season 2, but the truth of the matter is: life happens. When life happens, other things have to be put on hold for the time being.

Originally we were only taking a 6 month break from Forecast, during which time we'd write Season 2. We'll we did write Season 2 but since June my wife and I got married, we bought a house, and a whole bunch of other stuff has happened. You will see Season 2, we won't leave you all hanging. We thank you all for sticking with us through all of this. We've actually seen a rise in subscribers since Season 1 ended, which is exciting for us because more and more people are enjoying the series (which gets us itching to continue Season 2 production).

Hang in there with us, and trust us...we want Season 2 to premiere just as bad as you guys.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the one day i happen to check the blog again, we get an update!
No rush guys, take your time and i'm sure the start of season 2 will be awesome!


Striker said...

hey i know how life is too. take your time no rush. when you get to it you get to it.

Anonymous said...

yeah. you take just about as long as me with my machinimas, take your time:)

Kellins said...

been lurking the site for a month now. I didn't really pay attention to when season 1 ended. If a series is good enough, the fans shall wait.
As long as you guys are proud of your work, and have fun in your projects, then that's what will make the series even better.
I'll wait for the next season, just gonna have to tell me when I can let go.

Anonymous said...

keep it up! iv been a fan since the beginning and cant wait to see more, but i dont want to see it rushed! Take your time! o and congrats on getting married ;)

lasarack said...

Mozel tov on all the life stuff.

Don't worry about the time, you are lucky we are a small group. We aren't rushing you.

Anonymous said...

Congratz on marriage dude!

Anonymous said...

is Mr.Peppley still with you guys?

Anonymous said...

I have watched season 1. It is a funny show. Although you are not partnered with machinima, it is still good. Take your time. I can't wait in a few months.