April 23, 2010

Time to get to work!

A message from our You Tube Channel:

It's been a long while and by the comments and emails we've been getting I figure now is a good time to let everyone know what's going on with Forecast Season 2. I've been completely preoccupied with tons of projects on my plate that obviously don't revolve around Machinima. But, with in the next couple weeks, those projects should be wrapped and we'll get crankin' full steam on Season 2. You can expect to see another teaser for season 2 in this time also. Thanks for all of you sticking around (and begging) for the Second Season. We appreciate all your support, its the only reason we want to keep making Forecast. We'll be posting more soon to keep you updated with the production. Enjoy the weekend!


CJ said...

Aww, and here I was ready to ask what was up again once it hit the 6 month mark from your last post.
Guess I'll settle for new season plans
(Nice to see you guys back again again)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I get to see what's been going on. I was wondering what's been delaying you all. It took some worries out of my mind. Thank you for answering and letting us know what's up. I'll also look forward to the second season.