The following are some Frequently Asked Questions we get:

Who are the voices on Forecast The Series?
Craig: Tyler Gunstream
Eugene: Jeff Dillbeck
Zoom: Tyler Gunstream
Scooter: Tyler Gunstream
Erwin: Tyler Gunstream
Amy: Stephanie Gunstream
Timmy: Joe Peppley
Misc. Voices: Joe Pelton, Jeff Hills, Ember Dillbeck

Where can I download Forecast Episodes?
Unfortunately, right now You Tube is the only place where we uploaded our episodes.  As of right now, we don't have any intention to upload them any where else.  Sorry, we're selfish like that.

What kind of equipment do you use to produce each episode?
We obviously use the Xbox 360 and Halo 3.  Dialog is recorded on Soundtrack.  We capture and edit using an iMac and Final Cut.  We do some post production with Photoshop. 

How do you lower the Spartan's guns?
Well first off, you cannot be in Xbox Live to do it.  Yes I know it sucks, but of well get over it.  Then press the following buttons at the same time: LB, RB, click down the left analog, down on the D-Pad, and the A-Button.  Hold those for about 3 seconds and the guns will be lowered.

How do you synchronize the audio with head bobbing?
It's really a process of recording the audio first, then setting up your scene with your characters and replaying the audio all while controlling each character with the movements you want them to do in that particular shot or scene.  When editing, I sync up the two (audio/video) by starting the first frame of head movement to the first sound of the dialogue.  Usually it'll sync up just right, but you may have to adjust it a few frames to get it exactly the way you want.

Do you have tons of Xbox's in one room or do you film over Xbox Live with a bunch of people?
We film everything on a local game.  We don't do any filming over Xbox Live (do to not being able to lower guns).  If the scene calls for more characters than 1 Xbox can handle we gather up some extra Xbox's or do some tricks with the camera and editing.

Can I join the team?
As of right now, we are not hiring any new members of the team.  If we were to ever need any help, we would post it.

I need help with my machinima, can you spare some time to help me film and edit my video?
Nope, too busy.  Sorry.

I like cheeseburgers.
So do I, but that's not a question.

Have any questions not answered above?  Email them to us and we'll post them.