September 18, 2009

Droppings to Commence

The final countdown has began. In less than 85 hours (give or take a few depending on your time zone) people from all over the nation will be driving back to their homes with the biggest smile on their face and precious cargo buckled in the front seat. The same giddiness they felt on the release of its predecessors, will be revisited on this night (or early morning). We've all prepared and at Midnight on the 22nd we'll all finally be able to Drop.

Halo 3: ODST will finally hit stores allowing Halo fans across the globe to suit up as a new character in the ever increasing cannon that is the Halo Universe. There are a ton of reviews from people all over the interwebs who got a small grocery store sample of what the ODST (and Fire Fight) experience will be like. Is it any surprise that everyone that has put their hands on this game (for probably no more than 15 minutes) has loved it? I am very excited.

I, like many out there, am taking Tuesday off of work just so I can wait in line at my local Game Stop to pick up my preorder copy...and then proceed to play all day. My wife just chuckles at me with how pumped I am for this game and the fact I'm taking a day off just to play. But in the immortal words of Rhett Butler, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

So if you find your self in the wonderful world of "Live" next Tuesday, let play some Fire Fight or make our way through ODST campaign. For those of you in our Nampa area, come say hi to us at Game Stop and chat it up as we all wait for our chance to Drop. See you online.


Killian said...

look at the poll xD

Vurtax said...

Yeah I wish I could take the day off, but I'm only 15, I won't be able to concentrate in school, and I certainly won't be doing homework.

I was able to get Halo wars in March, only because snow was so heavy we had like two days off and I paid my sis to drive me there.

If i could I would

Gunny said...

Wow looks like everyone has to go to school/work on Tuesday.

Stephin Woods (Stress) said...

Yeah I have school but being a senior, I only have 3 hours. Then I'll go home and play ODST with my new ODST controller.