September 15, 2009

Voice Contest Update

All of you who shared your interest in the Voice Contest will receive an email or You Tube Message from us this afternoon with the audition line. If you are interested in participating in the contest and did not get an email from us it is because either we didn't get your email or a link to your YouTube page to contact you...or you didn't tell us you'd like to participate to begin with. If you fall into one of these categories, email us with your email or YouTube page so we can message you. We'll update the community on the results of the contest once all entries have been sent in and we've listened to all of them. No one will be turned away if they wish to try out, all are welcome!

1 comment:

Vurtax said...

Hey I'll get these into you guys tommorow afternoon Eastern kinda time. The only place I can record Voice is from my Loft and my folks watch a lot of news.

Again thanks for this chance