August 26, 2009

What's This? A Voice Contest?

So as production for Season 2 slowly continues (I emphasize slow), I wanted to let you all know of a chance that your very own voice could be in an episode of Season 2. That's right, you could voice a small character in Forecast! I can't tell you what episode (yet) you'd be in or any details to what the line(s) would be right now.

All we're looking for right now is to collect of list of names and contact info (either email, twitter, myspace or youtube accounts) of those interested. In the coming weeks I will then contact those interested with a line we'd like you to record and then send back to us for review. You can send back just an audio file, or make it a little more creative and post your audition on YouTube for all to judge. We will listen to (or watch) every sample sent to us and pick the best performance.

Between now and when I contact those interested, feel free to send us either samples of voice work that you have done, machinima you have been part of (and telling us who you voiced), or pretty much anything else informing us of what would make you stand out over everyone else.

So send us those emails, comments, a twitter message, or whatever to let us know you'd like to participate in the voice contest. There will be no age, gender or experience restrictions, we are just looking for the best performance to fit the character. More info will come in the coming weeks.


Vurtax said...

Oh yes! Okay heres my Machinima

I did Pct. Davidson, The Guard, and brigadier Fenton (the youngest voice -davidson- on the team, I realized I shouldn't be doing much serious voice acting and should stick to voicing for funny stuff)

You can contact me through my Youtube that is on the same channel. my perferred email:
or alternative email

I have a 40 buck Microsoft Livechat headset and Adobe Soundbooth so any problems I can tweak, I'll whip up some auditions as soon as you contact me

Thanks so much guys for this chance

Keeperofjunk said...

Hey, I am going to voice a character in a upcomming machinima I cant reveal at this moment, but I have some experience. Please contact me via email.
Email: Keeperofjunk@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Cool idea that you have there. I like to try out my email is electricalcave@gmail.com, and you can get me on my website as well

Stephin Woods said...

Hey I'm interested. My email is stressw@yahoo.com and my youtube is Stressw.