December 1, 2008


Filming is continuing tonight on episode 8. Things are moving along quite well. Many of you have sent me messages wondering when the next episode is out, and all I can say is it'll be out when its done. We don't want to rush the production of the episode, especially since we are now getting extremely close to the season finale. But don't worry, we aren't going to take so long on the episode that it'll be the New Year before you see some more Forecast. I can guarantee that it'll be out in the next few weeks. And on a positive note, you'll see the season finale before we ring in the new year. December will be an exciting time for Forecast viewers. I'm hoping to be able to upload a few screen shots to hold your Forecast appetite for a bit.


lasarack said...

if you post an episode up on dec. 28, could you possibly put in a shout out to me (it's my birthday)

that would be soo awesome!

Striker said...

i hope filming goes well and by the way you do very nice work. can't wait to see what else you have planed.