December 19, 2008

Mid Next Week

So the news you all have been wanting to hear...Episode 8 will be released sometime next week, before Christmas. Many of you have probably seen me online in custom games in Halo 3, which would mean I'm busy working on the episode. However, don't let that stop you from sending me invites to play with you. I'd love to play Halo online, whether it be custom or matchmaking, with any of our viewers. If I don't respond to your invite, don't let that get you down, it just means I'm working on the episode. With that said, I will be making some time this weekend, away from the episode, to play some Halo 3 online. So send me those invites!

1 comment:

lasarack said...

:) awesome
i'll invie you to play some grifball soon then. (we have a team that is in the league)

BTW my GT and everything else i use will be lasarack