October 31, 2008

Call for Entries: End Credit Music Contest

We are calling for entries in the first ever Forecast Music Contest. What we are looking for is a song to be featured during the end credits of Season One. The season will end on an awesome note, so naturally the ending song has got to follow suit. I don't know how long the credits will be, but we should probably guess around at least 2 minutes. There won't be many guidelines for your entry because I want you to be able to utilize all your musical creativity without being too restrictive.

All we ask is that the song feel like it belongs to Forecast. It can be rock, hip hop, techno, etc., have lyrics or be just instrumental, whatever; the song just needs to be awesome! Now some have suggested that you take the small bits of music we have in our episodes and incorporate them in the song. You can do that, I think its a great idea but you don't have too. I won't hold it against you if I don't hear a single note from our small music pieces.

Here's how you can submit your entry. You can either email the song to me (.mp3, .wav, or any other format that may work), post it on a hosting site yourself and give me the link, record yourself (or your band) performing the song and put the video on YouTube (which I think is an awesome idea) and tell me where to find the video. As long as I can hear a decent quality version of the song, any way you get it to me is fine.

The deadline for the entries is 4 weeks from today. So on November 28th, all entries must be in to me. At that point I will pick the top 5 entries and post the artist/band's name here on the website. If you make the top 5, and you haven't sent me a high quality version of the song (either through email or from a place I can download it) you'll need to do so with in 3 days of me posting the names of the top 5 entries. You will then find out who the winner is once the season finale is released shortly after that. We will also feature the winner on our site with links to their website, MySpace, Face Book, whatever you may have to help promote yourselves.

If you have any questions what so ever, or this posting is just extremely confusing to you, or whatever, don't hesitate to email me at youngstreetproductions@gmail.com. So get to it. We can't wait to hear what you create!


lasarack said...

if you go on newgrounds.com 's audio portal, they have lots of good songs.

I'm going to be using one of their songs as the theme for my new machinima... anyone want a copy of the script?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys what's up, my name is Matt and I am the vocalist for the band Set Your Goals, it came to my attention that you are looking for an ending song for your movie. Well you can look at some of our music and see what you think! Thanks a lot!-Matt

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, sorry. Ha ha, you can find our stuff on the Newgrounds audio portal. Just search 'Set-Your-Goals' (no quotes) in the audio search under artist.-Matt

Anonymous said...

Hey whats up Im travis the lead guitarist for the comedy band Copyright Infringement
we've written a few songs and many will make you laugh so I try and record them and send them to you guys.
P.S. keep up the amazing work, love the series.

Gunny said...

Sounds good guys. Any songs you'd like to submit just email me or send me a link to where I can listen to the songs.

Marcinowski said...

wow, I was just fiddling around with some notes on my guiatr, and I notice that some notes sounded familiar, particularly the 7th fret on the high E string...

After a little more fidling, I think, just THINK, I got the theme song for Forecast. I dunno, I just think it sounds pretty close.

Gunny said...

Nice! Well if you record anything I'd love to hear it!