November 5, 2008

Tale of Woe

So I've got some bad news.  Last night while playing on my XBOX 360, the game started freezing.  I turned it off, and then after a bit turned it on.  All seemed to be okay.  I started to play again and after a bit, the game froze again.  I thought it might be the game so I shut it off and then turned it on again and tried to eject the game.  The game ejected fine but the box froze on the 360 logo when you first turn it on.  After a few more failed attempts, I got the dreaded...RING OF DEATH!!!  

I've made the proper arrangements for Microsoft to fix it (or just send me one that works).  But the sad part is I will be without a 360 for about 3 weeks.  Maybe I can consider myself lucky that it's taken this long for my XBOX to get the R.O.D. (I got it a couple month after it's release).  So with that said, the filming and editing side of production for the next episode is put on hold until a working XBOX comes back.  We will continue polishing the script and have all dialog recorded so we are ready to go by the time it's back.  You may now shower me with your pity. 


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lasarack said...

I'm soo sad... man, the only way this could be any worse is if my puppy dies... shit!

No puppies were harmed in the making of this comment.