October 29, 2008

Music Contest...just an idea

Eventually we will come to the finale of the first season of Forecast (not able to say when that is yet). When we are at that stage of the finale, we will have credits for the entire season played at the end of the last episode. Now my thought was to get with a couple of buddies of mine who produce music and have them pump out a song for the credits, but then it crossed my mind that we could possibly have a contest for anyone to produce and record a song to be featured as the end credit song for Season One.

I don't have any details on what the rules and guidelines would be, because right now I just want to get a feel from all of you if that would be something that you'd take part in. So, I set up a poll (move your eyes a few inches to the right of this blog) for you to vote whether or not this contest would be of interest to the Forecast community. This may be a great way to draw some more attention to your band (or yourself if you are a single artist). Let me know what you think by using the poll, even comment on this post or email me.


Marcinowski said...

Sounds like fun. I'm thinking...maybe an electric guitar version of that keyboard tune at the beginning of each episode, with a couple of twists to make it sound cool.

If you could give the notes that are played, someone could try and turn that into a cool sounding guitar solo-ish type thing.

Gunny said...

I do like that idea of incorporating the small little music we already have into the end credit song.

Keep the suggestions coming everyone!