October 14, 2010

Updates which are few and far between

Hey Everyone!
Been a while. But can you blame us? Just as we get in the swing of season 2, Bungie decides to release a game called Halo: Reach. Apparently its really fun and really popular and it's sucking up all our free time (enter sarcastic grin here). But also, we've been waiting on some audio from new cast members who don't live in Idaho with us. Things are coming along, and the next episode will be coming to an Internet near you. We are loving season 2, because we are getting to use more sets than just Blackout. Kind of got depressing just filming in this dark dark map for a while. Release date you ask? Well most of you know the answer to that: when its done, its done.

On a different note not related to Forecast or Halo, in fact not even to video games. A local film company here in our area is working on making a film called "Saving Council". They have a great idea how to save America by saving Council. Council is a small city here in Idaho that has really been effected bad by the down turn of the economy. The way we can all help is by pledging money to donate to this project, help a struggling city and fund a movie at the same time- possibly get your name in the credits of the movie. Check out SAVINGCOUNCIL.COM for all the in depth details on this project. Plus, have a look at the video below. May contain someone you have heard of...


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