June 7, 2010

...I need somebody!

If we were to set up a new forum, I'm going to need some volunteers to help create, moderate, and basically run the forum. As it stands right now, I'd love to spend all my time looking over the forums but I'd rather (and I'm sure you would as well) spend my time producing new episodes for Season 2. So with that, I'm calling for experienced volunteers who been a moderator or have created a forum before. Comment or send me an email if interested- preferably with a link to something you have worked on. However, if we don't have a big response on the poll on whether or not to start up a new forum, we won't. Enjoy your Monday.

PS - Got some awesome stuff done with Season 2 last night. The first episode is coming along nicely!

1 comment:

IgnitedFighter said...

Hey I will help with the froum.

P.S I am the new Videonaru from youtube.