August 1, 2009

A Change of Sorts

Well I've spent the better part of the last few hours rearranging the layout of the site. As you can see we've gone from a 2 column format to a 3 column format (who know I could learn a little html code in a short period of time). We've also added a new banner for the page featuring Craig and Eugene, along with our new logo that most of you should remember from the Season 2 Teaser.

The logo was created by a friend of mine named Matt Janzen. He's a phenomenal artist who used to work out in Seattle for a video game company. Jump on over to his website and have a look at some of the characters he is currently working on.

Hope you enjoy the different layout. Now I'm off to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Cool layout, Can't wait to see you start Season 2.

Anonymous said...

same here. Can you give us a month?

Gunny said...
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