July 27, 2009

On the Horizon

Wow, how long has it been?

Sorry for the absentee lately everyone. As you know last month I got married and for the last month my wife and I have been spending every waking hour working on the new house we just bought. The last owners didn't keep the house in very good condition. The inside needed tons of cleaning and painting, and our yard looked very much like the yard on Malcom in the Middle (no joke). But I'm happy to say we are getting things well under control, but not all the way yet. And we finally have internet at our house too. So I'll be more active with the website, twitter, You Tube, or wherever else we are at on the web. And hopefully be jumping on Xbox Live for a little Halo 3. I'll be a little rusty, I haven't played since the beginning of June!

However, alot of you have been asking me when Season 2 will begin. As I can't give a firm date as to its release, please know that we are still working on it and you will see the premier soon, I promise.

Its good to know people are still enjoying Season One. Keep sending us the emails and messages. Thanks for all your support!

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keeperofjunk said...

Take your time, good work takes time and a good attitude.