December 30, 2008

Halo Community Live

Tonight starting at 7:00pm EST, the guys over at Halo3Mythbusters.com are putting a little show called Halo Community Live. Think of SNL but made by the Halo Community. The show will consist of some machinima shorts, interviews with the big names in the community, and much more. The show is pre-recorded but will stream live on a website called Mogulus.com. Some of the names that should be making appearances on the show are Darkspire Films, Bryan Simon, Halo 3 Mythbusters, ForgeHub, The DuoGroup, and of course yours truly Young Street Productions (its an interview I had with them). The good thing about mogulus.com is that you don't have to register or anything like that, it's very easy to use. Plus, there is a chat room so you can see and talk with all who is watching the show. So, at 7:00pm EST (that's 4pm EST for those of you on the West Coast), the show will start. It'll be a good time, you'll definitely see me in the chat room.

Halo Community Live Link (will begin at 7:00 pm EST don't be late!)

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