September 23, 2008

Meet the Voices

We've been doing the series now for almost 5 months now. We've been exploring this world of Forecast, meeting all kinds of characters. But one thing we've never shown to the public is who the voices of each character are and who all is involved with the making of each episode. So with out further ado, I introduce to you the voices of Forecast.

Tyler Gunstream - Voice of Craig, Scooter, Zoom, Erwin, and miscellaneous characters

Forecast the Series is the brain child of Tyler, aka Gunny to most. Having gone to film school and made a handful of films himself, he decided to try his hand at machinima. Knowing full well he may fail on an epic proportion, Tyler originally wrote only 2 episodes of Forecast with the thought that if people liked it, he'd make more but if not he'd bow out gracefully. To his surprise, Forecast started to become a little more popular and so he came up with a story for the rest of the season. He voices 4 of the main characters in the series along with some miscellaneous characters such as Timmy in Episode 2. Along with being one of the voice actors, Tyler writes, directs, produces, films, and edits each episode himself.

Jeff Dillbeck - Voice of Eugene

Jeff is a good friend and neighbor of Tyler's. Tyler came to him last May with the idea of a Halo 3 machinima and the proposal for Jeff to voice a character. Jeff gladly accepted. On an episode basis, Jeff comes in to record his dialog for Eugene giving a different take on each line. Although Tyler writes each script, Jeff is credited as a consultant on each episode helping tweak the jokes to hopefully bring out more hilarity. The line of Eugene's everyone loves from episode 2 (I feel safer since they fired Timmy) is actually an ad-lib Jeff came up with while recording that episode. Jeff brings a great dynamic to Eugene, which plays great off the other characters.

Hopefully this sheds a little light on us, our 2 man band behind Forecast the Series and Young Street Productions. It always helps to put a face with a name, but in this case- a voice.

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