July 25, 2008

What do you expect...its Summer

Well it's been about two weeks since episode 5 was released. We've been working on episode 6 and a few other things that we can't wait to show you all. However, with that said...it's Summer, expect some delays. Although we have been hard working on episode 6, we've been taking some time off, some of us have gone on trips, but all in all we've just been trying to breathe. With having a full time job, working on "Forecast", other projects, and trying to have a personal life at the same time can make things a little busy for us. With that said, episode 6 will eventually be out be we ask that you please be patient. Just a few more weeks and all our vacations are done (I have one coming up in a week). Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you all. So in the meantime you can comment here, on our You Tube, email, or join the forums to tell us how much you still love us. Have a great Friday, make sure you play lots of Halo- oh and if you are the only one in the country who was a moron and didn't go see 'The Dark Knight', I suggest you do so; you won't regret it.


Fat Kow 576 said...

Can't wait for episode 6 and have a good vacation.

TacoClone said...

Eagerly awaiting the next episode guys. I know you guys are probably starting to get back to working on it again, but I just got impatient and decided to comment and say that I know I'm not alone in wanting you guys to get that next video out here.

Anyways, thank you guys for making such awesome stuff.


GoCrzy said...


(Btw, Go_Nuts from RT)