June 19, 2008

Here's the spread

I've been asked by some of you to share what hardware, software, etc. that I use in making these episodes, so here's the skinny. The computer that I use is a 24-inch iMac, Intel Core 2 Duo, OSX and 500 GB of memory. I record dialog using a Logitech Desktop USB mic, its not the highest grade mic out there, but it still does a wonderful job. And for $20, you can go wrong.

Since I work with a Mac, it took me a while to find a Analog/Digital converter to be able to capture footage from the game to my computer. If you're working with a PC, you have more options at your fingertips some of which are a pretty decent price. I'm using a converter box called Director's Cut which is made by a company that no longer exists (Power-R). I think they were bought out by Miglia because there is a similar product called Director's Cut Take 2. I lucked out and found this on eBay for about $15, when it normally retailed for around $200. The best part is, it runs through FireWire (which works best on Macs).

I also run audio out to a Sony 4 speaker stereo and the video out to a 14" preview monitor.

The programs I use are Adobe Photoshop CS2 (for any titles or pictures of the like), Soundtrack Pro 1.5 (for recording dialog, cut together Sound Effects/Music), and Final Cut Express HD 3.5 (for editing it all together). And although I use Final Cut Express HD, I am not capturing in HD or exporting in HD. HD requires loads of memory, and I'm not in the market to starting my own Terabyte farm just yet.

Here's a picture of my setup we took while working on Episode 2. Some parts are a little dark, but it'll give you a general idea of what we are working with.

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Cast/Crew said...

Could you possibly post a bigger picture of the converter box that you have?